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THE HIGH PERFORMANCE FRANCIS LX range of searchlights incorporate the design features required to successfully operate searchlights in the most demanding product operating environments on land and sea.

Within the Francis Lite range of marine searchlights, the LX300, utilising a 300w xenon lamp, has been designed to give maximum beam range and candlepower, which DC incandescent halogen lamps are unable to achieve. Having the ability to identify objects and potential dangers from a far greater distance, the LX300 can prevent both vessel and lives being put to risk. As an optional extra, this unit is also available with infra-red night vision ensuring total covert surveillance.


  • Immediate full lamp brilliance from switch on.
  • Instant re-strike. No “cooling” down time required.
  • Toughened front glass.
  • Parabolic aluminium reflector.
  • Economical 600 hour lamp life.
  • Constructed from stainless steel with stove enamel paint finish Operational temperature -50 C.
  • Vertical movement +25 to – 25
  • Vertical movement +40 to – 40
  • Impressive450 rotation.
  • Sealing – IP66 Searchlight, IP44 PSU & Control unit IP64
  • Searchlight weight deck 17 Kgs, PSU weight 11kgs
  • Under deck mechanism 2.3Kgs.
  • Range 3479m
  • Peak Beam Candle Power 12.1 million
  • Optional infa red filter
  • Lamp part number D21908

Technical specification

Part # SL-1043-FS / SL-1173-FS
Vendor # A2491, A6080
Barel size 300mm / 0.98 ft
CBCP 12.1mil
Range @ 1Lux 3,479m / 11414' 0½"
Voltage 115v, 240v
Wattage 300w
Mounting Deck
Control Remote
Electric Zoom Yes
Weight 17-28kg / 38-62lb

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