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The new FRANCIS LX Premium range of variable speed Remote Controlled Searchlights incorporate the design features required to successfully operate searchlights in the most demanding product operating environments on land and sea.

Francis Searchlights have developed and improved all remote controlled searchlights across the range still further by adding full variable speed, a new modern and sleek joystick control panel, using membrane and LED technology, offering RS485 interface and an auto home position setting, all at no extra cost.

The Xenon offers a colour temperature similar to daylight, and offers exceptional illumination, especially in polar regions and long range navigation.


  • Immediate full lamp brilliance from switch on.
  • Instant re-strike. No “cooling” down time required.
  • Toughened front glass.
  • Parabolic glass reflector
  • Constructed from marine grade materials and fixings
  • Powder coated and stove enamel paint finish.
  • Remote pan rotation 385 with tilt /elevation control 40.
  • Variable speed LED joystick, with auto home position and
  • RS485 connectivity.
  • Variable Rotation Speed 1 to 20/sec (Pan)
  • Variable Elevation Speed 1 to 10/sec (Tilt).
  • Heaters fitted barrel and gearbox operational temp -50
  • Remote lamp focus, 1.5 spot to 10 flood.
  • High quality PSU suitable for 50/60 Hz 1ph
  • Sealing – IP66 Gearbox, IP56 Searchlight, PSU IP56
  • Francis Searchlight weight 68 kgs, Power supply weight 14kgs .

Technical specification

Part # SL-1233-FS, SL-1234-FS, SL-1235-FS, SL-1236-FS
Vendor # A7051, A7052, A7053, A7054
Barel size 480mm / 1 ft 6⅞ in
CBCP 45,200
Range @ 1Lux 6,722m / 22053' 9¾"
Voltage 115v, 230v
Wattage 500w
Mounting Deck
Control Remote
Electric Zoom Yes
Lamp D20322
Weight 68kg / 149.91 lb


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