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WallMax® cable and pipe transit solutions are designed to satisfy needs for several manufacturing sectors including shipbuilders and other marine applications. WallMax® WRF (WallMax Rectangular frame) frames are utilized in all those applications requiring the passage of cable/pipes trough opening on metal walls/surfaces, thus requiring the welding of the frame to the construction. Ship decks, engine rooms are some of the areas where this frame type is utilized. WRF frames leave ample space for future modifications thanks to their versatility.
WallMax® WRF frames are available in single or multiple openings and in different dimensions according to the cables quantity and size. These frames are manufactured in mild steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel according to the client’s requirements. WRF frames are very stable and strong structures making it a perfect solution offering highest protection against fire, dust, water penetrations and pressure resistance. For those projects which require extra protection it can be supplied in a “back to back” configuration which is a combination of two WRF frames spaced between each other. This combination will increase the resistance to fire and water pressure. WRF frames can be welded in a straight position or an angled one to facilitate the cable passage.


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